Hi, I'm Alina!

I’m a Transformational Coach & Mentor, and I love supporting impact-driven, conscious leaders and creative souls to transform and dissolve inner barriers!

As someone who transitioned from a traditional accounting career to a path that truly aligns with my soul’s purpose, I understand the challenges of navigating significant life changes and personal growth.

Learning how to make your own rules after a lifetime of being a rule follower can be a tricky path to navigate on your own!

I’ve come to see this journey not just as a professional transformation but as a path for exponential personal growth and fulfillment of one’s deepest desires. It lights my soul on fire to support others who choose a path that's less traveled!

I believe that meaningful change in our world starts from within. When you heal and transform, it allows others to do the same more easily. Whether you want to create meaningful relationships, enhance your physical, mental, and spiritual health, find your authentic voice, or cultivate a fulfilling and purpose-driven life, I’m here to guide you.

Ready to transform and experience more success and fulfillment in your life?

Check out my offerings below! I have something for every level of investment.

How Can I Help You Transform?

Here are my current offerings:

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🌍 1st Year Impacts

🌍 2nd Year Impacts

Ready to experience a real breakthrough and step into your next level with ease?

Core Transformation is a gentle, yet powerful process that works with the core of your being and your subconscious mind and allows you to transform limiting beliefs, mindset "blocks", self-sabotaging behaviors, and un-resourceful feelings like fear, stress, and worry with more ease.

Many people have experienced significant breakthroughs in just 1-3 sessions* of Core Transformation with challenges they've been working on for months and years using other modalities and coaching.

Discover how Core Transformation can help you overcome any beliefs or habits that lead you to self sabotaging your success and well-being!

💵 Investment: $150 for a single session (with special pricing for session packages)

🌍 Global impact: 3% of your investment goes to a cause of your choice that supports humans, living beings, and our planet.

(*More sessions may needed depending on your situation, but rapid change is possible. Check out this study that was published in 2019 in a major journal about Core Transformation.)

Core Transformation may be a good fit for you if you want to experience a breakthrough in...

✨ Lack of clarity or indecisiveness on next steps

✨ Feeling shame or guilt

✨ Self sabotage patterns like perfectionism, procrastination, and being too busy being busy

Fear of being seen on camera or showing up on social media

Money mindset and lack mindset

✨ Fear of fully stepping into your gifts

Imposter syndrome

✨ Not feeling experienced or good enough to put yourself out there

Creativity blocks and flow

Inner resistance and discomfort with a specific situation or topic

Whatever you sense could be preventing you from stepping into your next level!

Interested in experiencing how Core Transformation can help you create profound change?

The best way to get started is to book a discovery call with me. In this call, we'll talk about your goals and make sure we both feel that we're a good fit to work together before continuing forward!

What Happy Clients Are Saying About Core Transformation

My Core Transformation session with Alina was AMAZING. I'm truly blown away by how effective this process is. The deeper we got into the session, the more I started to understand the resistance and fear I've felt around showing up fully and completely as myself online. So much of the resistance I've had around this issue has simply disappeared, and it happened pretty immediately. Alina is a wonderfully kind, caring, and patient practitioner and I highly recommend this healing process with her!

-Grace Chon

My first session was absolutely powerful! Alina is an excellent guide through this process. She was able to help me through these different parts within my subconscious that were not integrated with my conscious self. Her excellent guidance allowed me to experience a very rapid transformation in that one session. I'm scheduling a second session to do more inner work. I would recommend Alina to anybody, and this is coming from a fellow professional in the field of this work.

-Matt Aponte

Alina helped me to unblock a disempowering belief using core transformation to level up in my business. I love Alina's energy and strategy to run the session. She serves from a place of love and service 💛. I felt completely safe. And her giggle is priceless 🤣. I felt incredible after the session even a day later when I left my CorpJob after 15 years. I highly recommend working with her.

-Manuela Portmann-Britschgi

Alina - you definitely peeled a layer from the onion of pain and even touched the core of me that's my soul. I feel that core state of love radiating through my body. I continued this journey this morning through meditation!

-Donald Murphy (Dr. Purpose)

...The transformational experience of the sessions rings true to their name. They have been profound periods of learning, of evolving, transcending the ordinary limits of my previous self-understanding. I am excited to continue our work together.

I wholeheartedly believe in Alina's work. Her sessions are a journey towards the very heart of self-discovery and personal growth. They have been, indeed, transformative. I cannot recommend Alina's expertise highly enough.

-Jennifer Yassen

The Core Transformation work with Alina was very enlightening! Exploring the different parts of myself makes so much sense! I have so many voices and beliefs, and it was cool to navigate what some of them are trying to say! Thank you so much, Alina for uncovering some of my deep rooted wounds and reminding myself I am an empowered being!

-Paige Mitchell

For Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs

Ready to transform your business and step into your next level? Let's work together privately!

I offer customized programs for service based, impact driven, spiritual entrepreneurs designed to help you:

Grow your business, book more clients, and create a sustainable income using strategies that feel good in your body and that are congruent with values of integrity, honesty, transparency, authenticity, and impact.


Uncover and release inner resistance and limiting beliefs and habits that no longer support your next level of success through subconscious reprogramming modalities such as Core Transformation and hypnosis.

💵 Investment: Starting at $777/mo, 3 month minimum (can go monthly after)

🌍 Global impact: 3% of your investment goes to a cause of your choice that supports humans, living beings, and our planet.

The best way to determine if working together is a good fit is to book a free discovery call. We'll get to casually chat about your business and personal growth goals, and if it's a good fit, I can recommend offerings and answer questions.

Let's connect!

Follow me & say hello on the DMs on Instagram @heyalinan


E-mail me at hello AT alinanikishina.com

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