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Issue 46 - 03/17/24 - Subconscious Success Sunday Newsletter: Secret of Time ⏳ 

March 17, 20246 min read

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Quote of the Week

"The shift takes place the moment you embrace one profoundly simple truth: you are where time comes have the power to make as much of it as you want."

-Gay Hendricks (from his book The Big Leap) 🌼

This Week's "Subconscious Success" Tip

Do you ever feel like there's not enough time and so you feel rushed or pressed? Or maybe that there's too much time, so you feel bored?

What if you could expand the amount of time you have for creative expression and intimate connections? What would it be like to not rush and feel exhausted at the end of the day even though you don't feel like you got the most important things done? What if time could feel purposeful and meaningful?

Try adopting the "Einstein" approach to time!

How to apply this tip

In "The Big Leap" book, Gay talks about how the most widely accepted paradigm of time, "Newtonian Time", is limiting because it says there's only a finite amount of time in a day, and it must be carefully proportioned out so that there's enough of it to do the things we need and want to do. This usually leads to feelings of urgency and scarcity. How many times have you heard someone say "I wish I had another x # of hours in day"? I know I've been there myself.

While it's technically true that there are only 24 hours in a day, remember that how we perceive and experience time can vary greatly. One minute of play can feel like a blink of an eye and one minute with your hand on a hot stove can feel like eternity. Our subconscious mind doesn't have a linear and logical perception of time either, which is why we can go into the "past" and the "future" with ease in our minds and change things.

The Einstein Time paradigm invites you to take full ownership of time, and in essence, change your relationship with it. By adopting Einstein Time, you embrace the insight that "you are the producer of time, and you can make as much of it as you need!"

The "secret of time" is...are you ready? A mindset (and identity) shift! (*gasp* if you've been reading this newsletter for a bit, you're probably not shocked haha!)

Gay suggests to start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Where in my life am I not taking full ownership?

  • What am I trying to disown?

  • What aspect of my life do I need to take full ownership of?

These can be tough questions to answer and own up to. The answers to these questions may require you to create major changes in your life. It may require you to work with different parts of yourself (hello "parts work"!) that feel rushed, pressed, stressed, stretched thin, or bored. Gay also recommends going on a "no complaining about time" diet for some time.

If I could sum it up, consider that we are not a slave to time, and that perhaps sometimes we blame time as the reason for us not being able to do or have certain things.

What would it be like to try on the identity of a "time creator"? How would that type of person approach what they want to have more time for? Or boredom?

A bit triggering to consider? Perhaps. It was for me at first, but the more I contemplate it, the more I can see the benefit of this paradigm shift. What about you?

Remember that utilizing the help of subconscious change work methods like Core Transformation and hypnosis can make this shift ALOT easier. We don't have to force or struggle for months or years to create this shift. This is something I wish Gay mentioned more about in his book.

Why it works (short version):

There are multiple layers to this. The biggest revolves around your identity and beliefs. Depending on how and where you grew up, you've learned certain beliefs about time. In Japan, if you're 3 seconds late, the train is gone. In Costa Rica, you have "tico time" where you can arrive 30 mins late to an appointment, and it's not rude.

What did you learn about time? What kind of "time identity" do you have? Are you the type of person who's "always on time", "pressed for time", or "usually running behind and late"? How might those identity labels affect how you perceive time and what's possible for you?

For example, maybe someone who identifies as often being pressed for time may say "I don't have time to exercise AND eat healthy", when in reality they might actually have that time, but their identity overrides the possibility of even considering how that may be "true" and pressures them to skip the healthy meals and go back to work. How many decisions and assumptions do we make on autopilot due to how we perceive ourselves to be?

Questioning your beliefs works for a similar reason. If you have the belief that "there's never enough time", your subconscious will literally create evidence in your life to prove to you that this is "true". But what if that's not actually "true"?

What if you used a subconscious change work method to change that belief? What would become possible for you then?

You won't change the number of hours in a day, but your perception of time can expand and contract greatly, which in turn changes your "reality"....because after all, what is "reality" but our perception?

Ready to try it?

This week, contemplate these few questions.

What's my relationship with time?

Do I feel like I have enough of it, or too much of it?

What would it be like to adopt the identity of a "time creator" and take full ownership of my time and life so that it's no longer my master?

As you try this on, notice what new behaviors and responses you have in future situations that relate to time.

That's it! Have questions about this week's tip? Want to share something with me? Connect with me!


Cheers to your success!

-Alina Nikishina

Transformational Coach & Mentor for Entrepreneurs

P.S. Core Transformation is a very effective method for helping you create the perception of more meaningful, joyful, and abundant time....without having to struggle or white-knuckle it. Sound interesting?

Click here and let me know! I offer free discovery calls where I share more about the method and answer questions and also introductory sessions at $150.

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Alina Nikishina

Alina is a Transformational Coach & Mentor for entrepreneurs. She helps folks transform self sabotage into sustainable success through methods that work with on the subconscious level. She also helps people strategically build values based businesses.

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