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Issue 48 - 03/31/24 - Subconscious Success Sunday Newsletter: Words are Spells 🔮 

March 31, 20244 min read

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Quote of the Week

"Of course words are magic. That's why they call it spelling."

-Brian Holguin (Comic book writer) 🌼

This Week's "Subconscious Success" Tip

Next time you're considering future plans, be mindful of common words that we use and notice how they may be impacting your motivation levels, optimism, and overall attitude towards life. Play around with switching them up to see if it makes a difference on your outlook.

Here are the top words I'd like to highlight this week:

  • Should or shouldn't

  • Supposed to

  • Have to

  • Must

  • Need

  • But

How to apply this tip

As you review those words, notice how they naturally reference some kind of authoritative rule set and generally create this attitude of obligation, restriction, and even judgement. Also, notice the amount of expansion and possibility you sense when using these words...this is generally also limited.

You might even practice using these words in common sentences:

  • I should post more on social media.

  • I shouldn't be so hard on myself.

  • I'm supposed to meditate more so I can be more at peace.

  • I have to create a new podcast every week.

  • I must feel the fear and do it anyway.

  • I need to go to this networking event.

  • This is important, but I don't have time. (the word "but" negates everything that came before it)

The question that comes up for me when I try on these words, are "Says who?" and "What might be some other perspectives or options?". Seems like someone is telling me what to do and limiting me into rigid ways of being. It feels restrictive and oppressive, and it makes me have a mostly crappy attitude towards whatever it is I'd like to accomplish.

What would it be like to switch these even slightly? Here are some examples of my favorite re-frames.

  • I want to post more on social media and connect.

  • I'd like to give myself more grace.

  • I'm interested in meditating more so I can be more at peace.

  • I get to create a new podcast every week and speak about topics I'm passionate about. (this is prob my fav one because it inspires gratitude)

  • I choose to feel the fear and do it anyway. I'm courageous.

  • I'm committed to networking and fostering relationships.

  • This is important, AND I don't have time right now. Could we schedule it next week?

As you try these on, do you notice the difference? How do these frames create expansion, possibility, freedom of choice, empowerment, and joy in life?

Why it works (short version):

Whether we are consciously aware of this or not, the words that we use affect us on a subconscious level. All words impact our emotions and carry key assumptions. Since thoughts and emotions directly impact our actions, this is important to know!

Naturally, when we use words like "should" or "have to", there's an underlying energy of authoritative force that's restrictive and limiting. It's like someone is telling you what to do, and there's only one way of doing it. This is why we might naturally procrastinate on or even rebel against things that we "should" or "have to" do.

On the other hand, when we use words like "get to", "want to", or "choose to", it implies that we've decided to do this thing because it aligns with our values, commitments, or even brings us joy. It also implies that there are different ways of doing it, so we're not limited. It naturally feels more expansive, free, and motivating.

Ready to try it?

This week, practice catching yourself using words like "should", "shouldn't", "supposed to", "have to", "must", "need", and "but". Notice how you feel.

Then, try flipping them into more expansive, choice based words like "want to", "get to", "would like/love to", "choose to", & "and"! Notice if that creates any shifts in attitude towards what you're considering.

That's it! Have questions about this week's tip? Want to share something with me? Connect with me!


Cheers to your success!

-Alina Nikishina

Transformational Coach & Mentor for Entrepreneurs

P.S. What words do you find yourself using most often and how do you reframe them? What do you notice about the difference it makes on your attitude towards your goals and life?

Click here to connect and share your thoughts with me! I'm always curious to hear from the readers of this letter.

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Alina Nikishina

Alina is a Transformational Coach & Mentor for entrepreneurs. She helps folks transform self sabotage into sustainable success through methods that work with on the subconscious level. She also helps people strategically build values based businesses.

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