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Issue 50- 04/14/24 - Subconscious Success Sunday Newsletter: Logical Levels of Change

April 14, 20244 min read

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Quote of the Week

“And it’s those who start with why, that have the ability to inspire those around them or find others who inspire them.”

-Simon Sinek (Author & Inspirational Speaker) 🌼

This Week's "Subconscious Success" Tip

When you want to create change in your life and you want to do some self-coaching (or help your clients, team members, or friends/family), consider taking a holistic approach with a model called "Logical Levels". This model was developed by Phycologist & NLP expert Robert Dilts in the 90s after studying the early work of scientist Gregory Bateson.

See the image below. Each of the levels depicted in this pyramid signify different areas that are necessary to explore in order to create change in your life.

The top 3 levels of vision/purpose, identity, and values are KEY to creating profound, long lasting change, and the lower 3 levels of skills, behaviors, and environment generally result in more temporary change.

Think about it - a lot of people usually focus on what they can DO to change and focus on changing where they do it, what they're doing, and how well they do it. But rarely do you find people who actually consider why they're doing it, who they're BEing or BEcoming, and what the greater vision or purpose is.

It's one thing to start a habit where you're consistently creating content to grow your business, for example. It's another to identify as a "creative" and someone who believes in the power of their work and has a greater vision.

Perhaps this is why some people have a hard time with sustaining change.

(Btw - the labels of these levels change depending on which model you look at. I'm using ones I learned from my coach training at Erickson Int'l.)

NLP logical levels

How to apply this tip

Consider something that you'd like to change in your life, and take a peek at the image above while asking yourself a series of questions. It's often helpful to start at the top of the pyramid and go down to the bottom.


1. What's your vision after this change has happened? What's the deeper purpose? Who benefits?


2. Who are you BEing or BEcoming when you create this change and step into the vision? (this question may take a while to answer fully)

a. What are key beliefs that this person has? Fill in the blank: "I'm the type of person who _____". (Hint: this is where subconscious change work like Core Transformation can come in!)

b. What are the types of feelings this person experiences on an average day?

c. Looking back, what did "future you" release or dissolve (internally) in order to be here?


3. Why is it important for this person to have this vision and hold this identity? What values guide the way?


4. How was this done? What skills were needed in order to create this change?

a. Do you already have these skills or not? If not, what training do you need?


5. What actions did you take to achieve this vision? What habits did you create and kick?


6. Where and when did you do this? This could mean physical location, business, or something else and also just time.

Why it works (short version):

The Logical Levels model works because it considers all the various parts that are needed to create real change.

It also allows folks to clearly see where they may have gaps and why they haven't yet moved from where they are to where they want to be. It's a great way to pinpoint where more change needs to be made.

In this model, whenever we change something in an upper level, it automatically changes and affects the levels below it. However, changing something in a lower level may not affect the levels above it. This is why going through this model from top to bottom can be most helpful.

Ready to try it?

Think about something you'd like to change in your life, and ask yourself a few self-coaching questions from my suggestions above. Start with: "What's the greater vision and purpose for this?" and proceed from there.

That's it! Have questions about this week's tip? Want to share something with me? Connect with me!


Cheers to your success!

-Alina Nikishina

Transformational Coach & Mentor

P.S. Which "logical level" from the graphic I shared above are you currently focused on to create profound change in your life?

Click here to connect and share with me! I SO enjoy hearing from everyone who reads this weekly newsletter.

For me, I'm deeply working in the "identity" realm. Ever since I quit my accounting job in 2018 and became an entrepreneur, it's been a major transition. The last 6 years have been refocused on learning a lot of new skills and habits. Now - I'm learning more about who I truly am under all of my past conditioning and refining my vision, beliefs, and values. I know that once I have this clarified, my skills, behaviors, and environment will likely change. It's a challenging, yet rewarding journey!

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Alina Nikishina

Alina is a Transformational Coach & Mentor, specializing in subconscious change. She helps purpose driven entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives dissolve inner blocks that hold them back from having the success, fulfilment, and impact in business, career, and life they desire.

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